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Rookies Consult provide child care based on the Montessori ideology with the objective of fully developing every aspect of a child in ways that he or she will be ready to handle life’s many exciting challenges.

The early years of children development is very sensitive and the most important. Our organisation is committed to developing the child’s tremendous ability to learn and assimilate from the world around him with specialised programmes based on the Montessori ideology. 

The Montessori child works and live in a well organised environment where he or she is free to make choices at own optimum level while learning.Our child care providers ( Nanny, Governess and Teachers) are educated and Montessori certified from our vigorous training programme.We just don’t send people to our client without proper Montessori child care training and required experience. 

Our clients have the best the industry have to offer.
Our Nannies/ Governess apply our ROOKIES MONTESSORI HOME CURRICULUM in the home. While our trained teachers applies same in the classroom.

Rookies follow up on every Nanny/Governess and Teacher we send out with our clients evaluate our staff from time to time in ensuring delivery of excellent service. 

Rookies will assist in making your home and school Montessori ready by providing books, manipulative toys and teaching aids etc for sale.We look forward to coming into your world and together raise children that will be properly groomed for life’s challenges.

+ Need a Montessori Governess 

+ Need a Montessori Nanny 

+ Need a Household nanny 

+ Montessori nanny/governess training 

+ Montessori Teacher’s Training

+ Need a Nanny/Governess job

+ Montessori School Consulting


Rookies embark on stringent background check on employees.Nannies/Governess/ Household Nannies/,Teachers will produce details of past and current residence with visit paid for verification.They are required to produce 2 references ( No relation ) gainfully employed and 2 related with their passport pictures. Residential and work addresses checked out.Clearance from police with finger print and picture of Nanny registered with the police.Past employments are checked examined.


Test for HIV 1 and 2, Tuberculosis, Pregnancy. Only negative result will be employed.Non smoking, no alcohol and no drugs.


A contract agreement will be drawn up upon employment. Agreement depends of type of contract

Our Services

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