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Rookies Consult provide educational services for children's from ages 0 to 10 years. Consulting, Training, Staffing for Schools and Home. 

Though all method of teaching is dealt with, we however base our ideology on the Montessori system with the objective of fully developing every aspect of a child in ways that he or she will be ready to handle life's many exciting challenges. The Montessori ideology can be applied to any method of Early Childhood Education  

The early years of children development is very sensitive and the most important. Our organisation is committed to developing the child's tremendous ability to learn and assimilate from the world around him with specialised programmes based on the Montessori ideology. The Montessori child works and live in a well organised environment where he or she is free to make choices at own optimum level while learning.

STAFFING: We connect qualified staff ( Montessori and Non Montessori) for educational institutions and home from ages 0 to10 years. 

We just don't send people to our client without proper vetting to ensure the right staff with required training and experience is connected to our clients.

Staff sent to clients are required to produce 2 references ( No relation ) gainfully employed and 2 related  with their passport pictures. Residential and work addresses checked out.

Clearance from police with finger print and picture of of Staff registered with the police.


SCHOOL- We offer Montessori Training for Teachers, School Owners, School Starters.and those who wish to train as Montessori teachers with children between the ages of birth and 10 years of age. It's a 2 weeks course that a CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION is issued.

HOME- Parents can send their Nannies for the special 2 Weeks Nanny Training. A program where the child care giver is trained on how to playfully engage educationally and manage the children.


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