Montessori Consultation

Do you want to open a PROPER. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION/Montessori Pre-School? Come to us the Montessori experts. Rookies Consult is here to advise and assist you in opening your Montessori School.

Montessori School Consulting:

When it comes to building, Equipping, Staffing, Curriculum, Promoting a Montessori Pre-School our organisation have the experience, knowledge, skill and expertise to successfully present guidance on these and other areas related to the running of a Montessori school.

Other consulting services are day to day operations of the school, faculty, staff training, parent orientation, teaching policies, marketing to workshops, facilities for supplying Montessori apparatus, teaching aids and Montessori educational books. 

Project Design and Drawings:

Architects and engineers may understand childcare construction but few understand what is needed in a Montessori school. We can create a complete custom plan for your Montessori school based on your vision and needs. 


Plan: Rookies consult can assist with a Business Plan outlining the budget needed to start the school and projection of future income. This Business Plan will include target market analysis, related competition, marketing techniques, forecast for continued growth, layout plan, budget and required relevant research.   


Our Organisation can assist you develop a good estimate for a workable budget. 


Rookies Consult can assist and find you a properly trained Montessori teachers or train your already employed teachers.

Montessori Materials and Product Selection: 

Rookies consultant can assist and supply you Montessori materials that fit your classroom size, create a flow and help build your classroom within your proposed budget. There are lots of Montessori material  in the marketplace, we will advice of the age appropriate materials and objective in purchasing these materials. It is important to know a proper Montessori material is designed with safety and age appropriateness. 

School Opening and Staff / Employee Training:

Relax and leave the events of Pre and Post opening of your Montessori school to us. Our team will ensure the message gets to your target market and plan a grand opening.

Branding and Identity:

Our brand is unique having trained by the best. We will create an identity for your Montessori school based on your budget and objective. A marketing plan will be developed to promote your Montessori school to the families in the community.

Montessori School Records, Documents, Policies and Procedures:

Rookies Consult can develop policies and procedures, which may be required in a Montessori school environment such as manuals for  student, faculty, staff, parents and company guidelines