Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Rookies Montessori World. A world where we apply the Montessori philosophy in the home.

The Montessori ideology is a method based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. A method of teaching and interacting with the objective of fully developing every aspect of a child in ways that he or she will be ready to handle life’s many exciting challenges as they grow.

Rookies Consult will ensure your home is Montessori compliance to achieve our objective.

Our Montessori Nanny/Governess are trained professionals. They will interact with your child/children in achieving these objectives in your home. We appeal for the parent’s support as this can only be achieved if the children are the primary focus with minimal diversion.

For our Nannies/Governess, starting a new job and adjusting to a new environment might be uneasy since they don’t know all the rules yet or where things are. It is important for our parents to make them comfortable and welcome them to their home.

Parents and Nanny/Governess must develop friendship from day one for the sake of the child.

Make the Nanny/Governess welcome. Give her tour of the house showing her where items are. Set the rules from day one. Be mindful that it will take a little time for her to adjust so be patient. With time and clarity, she will get very comfortable in her new home.

Remember, a happy Nanny/Governess that feels loved in your home is a nanny that will love your family and will want to stick around for a long time!

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